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Recommendations to buy a printer

Today, almost everyone uses a common printer or at work or at home, school or elsewhere. Printers have penetrated so deeply into our lives that it is very hard to imagine what life was like before there printers. For that we need colors in our life and prints are those devices that give life to colors.

You know, perhaps, that there are two main types of printed matter, namely those that use inkjet technology and using laser technology. Inkjet printers are smaller, cheaper and more widespread in the domestic environment, while laser printers are larger, more expensive and more widespread in the economic environment.

Laser printers first appeared. The first laser printer, much different than today, was developed by Xerox Palo Alto Research Center between 1969 and 1971 and was named EARS. The first high-speed laser printer was produced by IBM in 1976 and in 1992 launched the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4, which became soon very popular, and a true world standard laser printers. It was a monochrome printer with a resolution of 600 dots per inch.

The first inkjet printer was made in 1976, but it took 12 years to appear on the market made the first printer model based on this technology. This is the model Deskjet Inkjet, Hewlett-Packard product and launched at a fabulous price for that time: $ 1,000.

Since then and until now, between the two types of printers and their producers is wearing a continuous war that can not end too soon, because each of the two types of printed meet a specific consumer needs.

Thus, laser printers meet the need for a high or very high volume of work at a low price and acceptable quality. This makes this type of printer to be a very appropriate choice in some industrial environments, but not in the home, because when it comes to graphics performance, a modest inkjet printer is often more powerful than any other based laser technology model. So if you do not print huge amounts of documents, and if speed is not critical, choose with confidence an inkjet printer! Inkjet printers are cheaper, smaller, more beautiful and quieter than laser printers, but have a major disadvantage: they can have a very high operating cost, making them virtually unusable. This is undoubtedly bad news. The good news is that there is a simple solution to this drawback, a solution that reduces operating costs by up to 95%. Everything is to note the advice below:
  • Inkjet printers use, usually a single color cartridge, divided into three compartments containing a certain color ink fundamental. When one of these compartments is empty, the entire cartridge must be replaced or refilled, even if other sections are almost full. This means more waste and operating costs. The solution to this problem is to use CISS system. CISStechnology supports most printers, however we should be informed about this.
  • Avoid, if possible, printers with built-in print head cartridge. Basically, these printers are designed to use, almost exclusively, original cartridges, and this means huge operating costs. Even if, theoretically, these printers support CISS system, can be totally different things in reality .
  • Memory is also a very important element. Lower memory printers may have difficulty when it comes to printing some pages with many graphics, or when it is a very large document size. Usually, only very cheap printers have such features, so do not recommend buying the cheapest existing hypermarket model. Or, at least not without documentation.
  • Be circumspect in regard to certain facilities offered, because each of them is reflected in the price. Take, for example, need a wireless feature integrated with one touch set-up, provided you are only using the printer, and always at home? Or, you need an extended warranty period, given that technological progress can be fast? These are issues that need to reflect long before taking a decision.
  • Established brands or companies unknown? I'm not saying that printers offered by lesser known companies can be as good as those offered by companies known, but there is a risk that can not be ignored. We recommend the solutions recommended by specialists and not the ideas that came unexpectedly. Specifically, we recommend using printer models CISS technology offered by established companies such as CISS Epson, CISS HP or CISS Canon.
  • For competent advice and customized solutions, don’t hesitate to contact specialists.

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Gândul zilei (46)

Nu se poate închipui o mai urâtă înfăţişare a lucrurilor decât aceea în care răutatea devine legitimă şi îmbracă, odată ce magistratul a dispărut, mantia virtuţii. (Michel de Montaigne)

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