duminică, 6 noiembrie 2011

Color Everywhere

Life without colors? See:

Oh, no!

Wherever you go, see the colors of life! Wherever you go, keep the colors of life! 

Now this is very simple, and does not cost much. How? With the CISS technology. What is the CISS and how does it work ?

The CISS (continuous ink supply system) is a technology that allows us to reduce operating costs of an inkjet printer with up to 95% and it doesn’t affect the quality of image! Indeed, the CISS technology only allows to keep the colors of life wherever you go.

Operating mode is remarkable easy and is compatible with many models of inkjet printers. The CISS consists of a set of external tanks that replace the original cartridges. The external tanks are usually located near the printer, and every ink contain a certain color of ink. Instead a single color cartridge with multiple units of storage, there are several tanks with independent color, and graphical quality never drops due to depletion of colors. External tanks are see-through and you can easily see when one needs to be refilled.

Tehnology CISS is perfectly suited most types and models of existing inkjet printers, including CISS Epson, CISS HP or CISS Canon.

Wherever you go, keep the colors of life! Wherever you go, keep the CISS!

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  1. Hi! Great blog! Yeah CISS helped a lot of consumers save more money. Aside from its controlled ink usage, it also allows us to see ink levels which most installed cartridges don't.