marți, 20 septembrie 2011

True color

There are moments when, like Goethe's hero, we can say: "verweile doch, Du Bist so schön" – a moment, stay, you are so beautiful! Beautiful moments come and go, and we can only keep their memory. Fortunately, we can do this very well and very easily.

In the last few years, printing technology has evolved greatly. So much that, to achieve an exceptional graphical quality of pictures, it's not necessary to have a complicated laboratory, if it is enough to have a normal inkjet printer. Such a printer usually costs very little, it is reliable, has great performance, occupies a small volume in the home or office, but has a major drawback: the cost of consumables is very high. Furthermore, the technologies used to achieve a printer cartridge are heavily polluting the environment.

Fortunately, we now have available a technology that allows us to reduce operating costs of an inkjet printer with up to 95% and it doesn’t affect the quality of image. And, of course, the pollution effect decreases accordingly. This technology is called ciss (continuous ink supply system). What is this new technology, remarkably simple and perfect adjustable for the majority of the existent inkjet printers?

Ciss, or bulk ink system, or, simply, ink system (fr. systeme d'encre continu, germ Dauerdrucksystem) consists of a set of external tanks that replace the original cartridges. As you know, inkjet printers use two cartridges: one black and one color, or tri-color that is composed basically of three units of storage, each containing a particular fundamental ink color, resulting in the combination of any color or shade. When empty, the cartridges are unusable and must be replaced or refilled. Tricolor cartridge becomes unusable when one of the three units of storage is empty. Most of the time, cartridges are not designed for refill, so sometimes it is possible to refill, sometimes not. Moreover, the quality of any cartridge drops, sometimes dramatically, following refills, and any cartridge can be refilled indefinitely. Also, if your printer is not used for several days, the cartridges can dry and can’t be used. CISS system resolves all these problems: does not dry cartridges ever, there is a single color cartridge with multiple units of storage, but there are several tanks with independent color, and graphical quality never drops due to depletion of colors. In addition, costs operation are significantly reduced up to 95%. CISS System allows thus to make exceptional image quality, and the price conditions comparable to those are provided by the matrix or laser technology.

The easiest way to get CISS system in any European country, is to order directly from the site of the company that sells, or from the pages of local dealers. If delivery is made directly from the central warehouse in Belgium, your product will get to you in 4 days anywhere in the European Union. The system comes with detailed installation instructions in your language, and this operation is simple, and it is depending on the type of printer, requiring up to 20 minutes. But usually five minutes are sufficient. The installation is reversible and it doesn’t affect the memory of the printer. Terms of delivery are excellent and there are, of course, return clauses, without any additional fees, in case the terms of delivery don’t relate to the customer’s expectations.
Indeed, it has never been easier and cheaper to have a photo lab at home. Now, technology has solved this problem and not benefiting from CISS would be a pity. Our memories are worth a little color, do not you think, so?

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  1. Nice blog!Very informative. Inkjets are better options when printing photos and for personal use. Refillable inkjet cartridges can help consumers save more money. But you mentioned that other are not designed to be refilled, is there a way of slowing its trip to the landfill?